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Dyeing your hair after a hair transplant: is it possible?

Caution is advised when coloring hair after transplantation. More and more people are opting for hair transplantation and having it done in Turkey, for example, because the costs there are much lower than in Europe and the United States.

Not only men, but also many women come to Turkey for treatment aimed at eliminating their problems of alopecia or hair loss and helping them to regain their original appearance and self-confidence. However, if the hair begins to grow soon after the transplant, natural gray hair can appear and destroy the dream of the new look.


So it is precisely in this case that the question arises: can I color my hair after a transplant and if so, when? Below are definitive answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

Can I color my hair after a hair transplant?

The answer is: yes, you can dye your hair, but you have to wait for the right time. Freshly implanted grafts should be taken care of immediately after transplantation: Therefore, the use of chemicals on the scalp or implanted grafts is not recommended for at least the first month after surgery. After that, you can take care of your hair as usual.


It is also important to mention that the excessive use of chemicals in dyes, hairspray, etc., as well as pulling on the hair follicles and scalp with certain hairstyles (or excessive combing) can damage the hair. hair. However, this is true even if a hair transplant has not been performed.


Finally, never forget that hair dyes contain chemicals such as peroxides or other bleaching agents, and freshly transplanted grafts may be more sensitive to these substances than your natural hair. It is therefore particularly important to avoid these chemicals during the aforementioned period.


Another question often asked after a hair transplant is: can I color my hair before the procedure? Our answer to this question is that not only is it possible, but we believe it is a great option that allows you to maintain your appearance without damaging newly transplanted grafts. However, please note that hair dyeing should be done a few days before the procedure, as the fresh color can discolor the scalp, making it difficult for the medical team to make the incisions during the transplant.

When can I dye my hair again?

Another question: how long do I have to wait after the procedure before I can color my hair again? As with all surgical procedures, your newly implanted hair will need special care after hair transplantation to achieve the desired result. The purpose of these special treatments is to promote the healing of scars, to avoid undesirable side effects (inflammation, infection, etc.) and to promote the growth of new hair.


In the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique - the common method of hair transplantation in Turkey - the follicles are carefully extracted and transplanted one by one, so they are very delicate. Immediately after the operation, therefore, you should not touch both the transplanted bulbs and the operated area for the first week, as this can lead to infections or even the fall of new grafts during the healing process.


When can you color your hair after a hair transplant? As we mentioned earlier, we recommend that you wait at least 4 weeks after the operation before coloring your hair. Your scalp needs time to heal completely, but also to strengthen the implanted follicles. In addition, this period may vary depending on the patient and the progress of healing and can take up to 6 weeks.


It is also advisable to have the first coloring done after the transplant by a hairdresser who knows the subject well and knows which products are suitable. If you have any further questions about hair coloring after hair transplant, please do not hesitate to contact us: We are the Istanbul hair transplant clinic with the best reviews. Remember: Take advantage of our free consultation service!

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