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Biotin for hair: benefits after hair transplant

In the case of diffuse hair loss, the causes can be very diverse, so it is often not even possible to determine the cause. Men in particular are often affected by androgenetic alopecia, which is hair loss caused by genetic factors. Hair loss can also be caused by a lack of certain nutrients.

The body may lack biotin, but this can be easily compensated for with a dietary supplement. Can Biotin Really Stop Hair Loss, and What Are Realistic Expectations? Can a biotin supplement be a permanent solution, or is a hair transplant the best solution?

What is Biotin

Taking biotin is often recommended in cases of hair loss. Biotin is one of the water soluble vitamins and is also known as vitamin B7. Biotin not only helps maintain normal hair condition, but also has other important functions in the body. It regulates the nervous system, the metabolism and also has a balancing effect on the psyche.


As the body cannot produce it on its own, it depends on its supply through food. Biotin is present in many foods, but unfortunately in very low amounts. Natural sources are bananas, nuts, oatmeal, dairy products, strawberries, fish, egg yolks, and liver.

Possible causes of a biotin deficiency

A biotin deficiency is often caused by stress, bowel problems, and certain illnesses. Taking certain medications, such as antibiotics or anti-epileptics, may also be responsible for the deficiency. In addition, it is favored by smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as the elderly also have significantly higher requirements for biotin.

The influence of biotin on hair growth

Biotin has an undeniable positive effect on the skin and hair, as well as on the growth of nails. For optimal hair growth, the hair follicle must be healthy. This means that it needs various vitamins and minerals to form the hair follicles.


If the body lacks biotin, hair grows much slower or falls prematurely. Biotin should always be taken over a long period. However, this only makes sense if there is a real biotin deficiency and a large part of the hair has not already fallen out.

The correct use of biotin

The German Nutrition Society recommends a daily intake of 30 to 60 micrograms for adults. Biotin is best taken as a tablet in the morning. The preparations should be used over a period of at least six months. In principle, an overdose of biotin is not possible.


Since it is a water soluble vitamin, any excess is excreted in the urine. Side effects are therefore not to be feared. The combination with zinc or silica has also been found to be effective.

A hair transplant or a biotin cure?

As we have already mentioned, there are many causes of hair loss. In some cases, it regulates itself again if the triggers can be eliminated. In case of biotin deficiency, hair loss may subside again after taking medication. However, even biotin cannot bring back hair that has been completely lost.


However, many affected people experience conditional hair loss, in which case biotin is unfortunately of no help. In this case, a hair transplant can help and significantly improve the quality of life and self-confidence. The transplanted hair is firmly anchored in the scalp and will not fall out for the rest of your life.

Biotin after hair transplant

Biotin promotes blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens hair. Adequate vitamin B7 intake should also be ensured after hair transplantation. After all, it's all about protecting natural hair from falling out and strengthening the hair that has just grown.


Vitamins B7 and B12 are essential for healthy hair growth. This is why many doctors recommend taking a vitamin B complex after hair transplantation. Using a shampoo enriched with biotin can also be very helpful.

Successful Hair Transplants at Grand Umran Clinic

In some cases, a hair transplant is the only way to permanently stop hair loss. If you have decided to take the plunge, you must consult a very experienced medical team. A particularly famous institution is Grand Umran in Istanbul. Many patients from many countries have already confided in this clinic. The personal contact before and after the operation is also excellent.

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