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Bad habits that damage your hair

Some bad habits can damage the hair like stress, smoking, tight hairstyles, poor diet, etc. They can make the difference between healthy and beautiful hair or the need for medical treatment. Hair transplant reviews in Turkey are very good, but ... isn't it better to prevent hair loss in advance than to resort to hair transplant?

That's why, in the lines that follow, we describe the most important bad habits (some of which are very common) that people take on every day ... They probably don't even know that they are causing irreversible damage to your skin. beautiful hair.

Exposing hair to the sun

Like the skin, our hair can also be damaged by UV rays. This damages the structure, the hair ages, loses elasticity, and even its growth is impaired. It is therefore very important to protect the head from excessive exposure to the sun by wearing caps or hats.

Bad nutrition

Hair is a normal organ and needs nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals to be healthy and strong. A balanced diet, rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as zinc, magnesium and iron, fruits and vegetables, helps to keep our hair healthy and beautiful ......

Lack of water in the body

Water is vital for our body. It is important to keep the cells hydrated so that they can perform the necessary chemical processes within them. This is why hair that is not sufficiently hydrated appears dry and lacks shine.


Stress is probably one of the worst factors for our hair. Especially if you have reached a high level of stress which leads to fatigue, bad mood or anxiety. Stress can not only change the rest of our body, but also increase hair loss or even trigger alopecia. It can also cause dandruff or, according to some experts, gray hair.

To smoke

Smoking is also one of the hair's worst enemies, as it passes toxins into the bloodstream and reduces blood flow. This cuts off the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. As a result, the follicles begin to close and the hair becomes thinner. When the follicle has completely closed, it stops producing hair and alopecia appears.

Too much alcohol

Although alcohol is a vasodilator, when consumed in excess it cannot be processed by the liver and ends up affecting the tissues in our body depriving them of important nutrients. This ends up damaging the skin and hair. Alcohol makes hair weak, thin and brittle ... and eventually causes it to fall out.

Washing your hair too often

Many people believe that washing your hair frequently is a good thing. However, this is not entirely true. Excessive washing deprives the hair and scalp of important elements for their health and maintenance. In addition, strong friction or harsh products can seriously damage the scalp and hair. Oily hair should be washed at most every two days, dry hair every three days. No more than that.

Wash hair with too hot water

Using hot water can be tempting, but the truth is, it damages hair if used frequently. High temperatures open the pores of the scalp and dry it out. This interferes with the production of natural oils and damages the follicles. This is why steam baths, which also dry out the hair, are not recommended. We recommend washing the hair in cold water.

Frequent use of hair straighteners can cause damage

While no one can question the benefits of these products, the point is that any product that transfers heat to the hair will damage it. The more you use it, the more damage it will do. The use of straighteners and curling irons damages the structure of the hair by breaking the fibers, drying them out and taking away their shine.

Frequent use of the hair dryer

For the same reason, frequent use of a hair dryer damages our hair. Please always apply heat protection spray before using the hair dryer or allow your hair to air dry.

Drugs and side effects

Some medications, such as contraceptives, contain androgens which can cause hair loss. Certain antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications can affect hair growth. You should therefore ask your doctor about the possible side effects. These are just some of the bad habits that can damage hair. However, there are many other bad habits. As you have read, these are deep-rooted habits, but they can damage our hair forever. When you discover the first symptoms of poor hair health, you need to consult a specialist. At Grand Umran, we are here to answer all your questions. Don't forget: we offer a free consultation: Take advantage of it!

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