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FORUM: Everything you need to know about hair transplantation

After a hair transplant, the care is just as important as the procedure. In this blog, you will find all the information on hair care, clinical studies on hair transplants, recommendations for after the procedure and everything you need to keep your scalp healthy and achieve the desired results after the procedure. treatment.


Our hair loss treatment blog is the place not only for people with hair problems, but also for those looking for information on the causes of alopecia, hair diseases, treatments and techniques available. , related products, hair transplant care and much more. Thanks to the knowledge of our team of experienced doctors, you will get answers to the most common questions of our patients, especially regarding post-hair transplant care and much more.

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Free consultation

You can use this form to request a free consultation with a hair transplant specialist. This form contains the questions necessary to help us review your condition and carefully assess the hair transplant process.  find out more

DHI is a hair transplant technique performed using special DHI pens, called DHI implanter pens or CHOI pens. In the DHI technique, the extracted hair is implanted directly in the areas to be treated ...

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