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Meilleure clinique de greffe de cheveux en Turquie

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Hair loss is usually hereditary and can affect men of all ages. Many people try to control the problem with the help of hair products. However, all of these products can only slow down hair loss. In the long term, only a hair transplant can restore full hair. Since the costs are not covered by health insurance, many men opt for treatment abroad, including hair transplantation in Turkey. Remember that the best clinics are located in Istanbul.

Hair transplant in Turkey: which is the best clinic?

Greffe de cheveux en Turquie quelle est la meilleure clinique

Before you start looking for the best hair transplant clinic, it is important to know the cause of hair loss: The hormone testosterone and the corresponding hereditary predisposition cause hair loss on the forehead and on the back of the face. head in many middle-aged men. Receding hairline and thinning hair on the back of the head is the start of a persistent problem that often ends in complete hair loss. Treatment with external hair restoration products and oral medications can slow the progression of the disease. However, this is only true if the remedies are also applied or taken daily. Nevertheless, hair loss continues to progress.


The only permanent solution is a hair transplant. Hair implantation with the modern FUE or DHI technique for those who are suitable for this technique allows a better result. To implant the hair, it must first be taken from the back of the head. There are specialized clinics with experience in this procedure, Grand Umran in Istanbul, equipped with the most innovative techniques of hair implantation: There are two methods that leave no visible traces after healing is complete. DHI and FUE. The best clinic in Turkey - Grand Umran - practices these methods of hair transplantation without contraindications. The results and customer reviews testify to the quality of the work and its smooth running.

Hair transplant in Turkey: low cost and high quality

Turkish clinics have been performing hair transplants for many years. Patients who choose hair transplantation in Turkey are making the right choice with Grand Umran. The program begins before your departure for Turkey and continues on the day of the operation until your return to France. The cost of care, travel and treatment is significantly lower than for a similar procedure in France.


To choose the right clinic for a hair transplant in Turkey , experience and patient reviews can help you. In Turkey, the most important quality characteristics are the doctors' qualifications and the time the clinic devotes to its patients. Grand Umran and its medical staff work according to these principles and have therefore been proven partners for many years.

The right criteria for choosing a hair transplant clinic in Turkey

Les bons critères pour choisir une clinique de greffe de cheveux en Turquie

When looking at the details, we learn more about the quality of the treatment: the harvesting of the grafts, also called the harvesting of follicles, must be carried out by specialists in this field, as well as the insertion of the grafts into the canals . This is important because these two steps are directly related to the quality of the final result of a hair transplant.


Experts speak of a good result when three points are met:


  • A good density of new hair.

  • A natural hairline.

  • A well harvested donor area.


The density of the new hair must be satisfactory, especially in the frontal area, in order to emphasize a natural look. The donor area from which the hair was taken should not be impoverished but homogeneous. That is why it is better to entrust the important stages of hair transplantation to experienced specialists who perform these procedures on a daily basis. Hair implantation is a modern and permanent solution for hereditary hair loss. Particularly advantageous prices are offered in Turkey.


Grand Umran Clinic has the best doctors in Turkey. Hair transplantation is performed with great sensitivity so that the patient feels comfortable. French-speaking assistance is available on site and in France.


This is a noticeable difference from other clinics. For more information about our hair clinic, visit .

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