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Hair transplant Turkey

Grand Umran offers you different hair transplant techniques according to your expectations and needs in a highly qualified medical environment. Thanks to our clinic, you will get your hair back and it will grow back naturally for the rest of your life.

Price from 1690€

Greffe de cheveux Turquie
Greffe de cheveux


Istanbul-based Grand Umran has satisfied thousands of domestic patients to date. In 2012, we created a service to better serve our international hair transplant and cosmetic surgery patients.







27 years


Hair Transplant Turkey

5 good reasons,  to choose us!


Pain-free anesthesia

Injection procedure without needles, which also allows a faster diffusion of the anesthetic.


More than 20,000 hair transplants already carried out we guarantee the operations certified by our clinic.

Guaranteed result


Best Doctors

Our clinic brings together the best doctors and specialists in hair surgery.



Completely French-speaking clinic we assure you a support from the beginning to the end.


Our methods

We use the most advanced techniques for FUE, DHI and 3D Impact Sapphire hair transplant.



As experts in the field of hair transplantation, our qualified medical staff offers you the most recent techniques. More than 20,000 operations and 15 years of experience in this field. The operations are carried out by highly qualified doctors and experts.


Medical adviser  French speaking

Mr. Ugur



We will ensure that a French interpreter is available to answer your questions throughout your stay and hair transplant in Turkey. After your return to your country, you will remain in permanent contact with the team.

In our clinic, you can talk openly about your wishes and questions. Our main goal is to enable you to make rational and informed decisions to get the results you expect.

Our patients testify

France 🇫🇷


After 1 years of thinking I decided to take the plunge in this clinic for a hair implantation which took place on December 22, 2019 arrived here I had a warm and smiling welcome, advice before my arrival clear and quick answers from them. 7 days already after my intervention very satisfied with my experience.

Merlin Givry


Belgium 🇧🇪


The team members are kind and delicate I left with 2 friends of mine to have hair transplant surgery in this clinic a year ago. I recently left for my second operation to densify a very good organization once again change nothing

Fred Rousse


France 🇫🇷


It's not easy to make a choice with all these clinics, all of them claim to be the best in the field of hair transplantation... First contact with Mr. Ugur who listened, knew what I really wanted, which allowed me to choose Grand Umran. Thanks keep it up.

Thibault Dupuis


Other opinions and testimonials to read on:

Greffe de cheveux : avis
Greffe de cheveux : avis - 2


Hair Transplant Testimonials


Switzerland 🇨🇭

What do patients think of their hair transplant experience in Turkey, Istanbul?

Hair Transplant Turkey 5000 Grafts

Franco-German 🇫🇷

Date of Hair Transplant Operation in Turkey: September 2020.


Donor area: The density and volume of the donor area was enough to extract as many grafts as needed, thick frizzy hair type.


Number of grafts:  5000 grafts.


Technique: the micro FUE method


Treated areas: Implantation around the entire circumference of the bald area during hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Turkey 4900 Grafts

France, Marseille 🇫🇷

First hair transplant session in Turkey: October 2020.


Donor area: The donor area was limited to allow a very large number of grafts to be taken in a single session (which would have risked damaging the donor area; it was preferable to wait for complete healing to schedule a possible second sitting), thick hair type


Number of grafts: 4900 grafts.


Technique: the micro FUE method


Treated areas: Implantation in the front and upper area during hair transplantation.


Second Hair Transplant Session in Turkey: May 2021.


Donor area: after 8 months, the donor area is restored and the bulbs can be taken back to fill the untreated areas during the first session.


Number of grafts: 3000 grafts


Treated area: implantation at the level of the crown during hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Turkey 3700 Grafts

France 🇫🇷

Date of Hair Transplant Operation in Turkey: November 2020.


Donor area: The density and extension of the donor area remains quite limited, but overall correct, hair is fairly fine.


Number of grafts: 3700 grafts.


Technique: Micro-FUE


Areas treated: The patient suffered from androgenetic alopecia.  Hair transplantation includes implantation in the frontal area as well as in the gulfs, a new frontal line and an increase in density in the top of the head.

Dr. Nanouche trusted us for his hair transplant in Turkey.

France, Paris 🇫🇷

I am Dr Nanouche, I come from the Paris region to do hair transplants here in Turkey in Grand Umran. The day went very well, I'm satisfied with the work, it's painstaking work, it was well organized, and also the transport airport-hotel, hotel-clinic is all good and good team, I recommend.



Hair Transplant



Operation, care kit, hair booster, transfers + 2 days in hotel

1990 €  2200 €

Hair Transplant



Operation, care kit, hair booster, transfers + 2 days in hotel

1690 €  1990 €

Hair Transplant

DHI method


Operation, care kit, hair booster, transfers + 2 days in hotel

1890 €  2100 €

Hair Transplant

For women

Operation, care kit, hair booster, transfers + 2 days in hotel

2190 €

Eyebrow transplant

FUE Classic

Operation, care kit, hair booster, transfers + 2 days in hotel

1490 €

Beard transplant

FUE Classic

Operation, care kit, hair booster, transfers + 2 days in hotel

1590 €


For more information

Send us a message and an expert from our team will answer your questions. / or via WhatsApp here

Merci ! Message envoyé.



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Why a hair transplant in Turkey?

There are a few things to keep in mind after a hair transplant. If your hair does not grow back immediately after the operation, but even falls out, you should not be afraid. This is due to a temporary shock to the body which can last for up to several weeks after the hair transplant. You must be patient and wait up to six months for the first effects of the operation to be felt. After this period, the newly transplanted hair will start to grow intensively. However, you should still follow the care instructions you received at the clinic during this time to achieve the best result.


Turkey is certainly one of the first countries that come to mind when considering such a procedure. It should be mentioned that Turkey is a leader in medical tourism, attracting more people from all over the world every year. According to some data, hair transplants are performed on over three hundred thousand people in Turkey every year - this is a truly impressive number! For comparison, in a country as populous as India, the annual number of such operations is around two hundred thousand hair transplants.

Is Hair Transplant Beneficial in Turkey?

Hair loss affects many people, and men are particularly affected. Some people have thinning hair and a receding forehead line at a young age.


You no longer have to resign yourself to this fate, because a hair transplant can provide relief. More and more people are therefore considering a hair transplant.


Due to the high costs, many people decide to undergo surgery abroad. Turkey is a particularly popular destination for hair transplants.


Not only can you save money in Turkey, but you can also combine Hair Transplant in Turkey with a visit to the beautiful city of Istanbul.


Regarding the quality, there is no difference with the French clinics. On the contrary, Turkey is considered to be the capital of hair transplantation.


Especially in Istanbul, there are many clinics that specialize in hair transplants and have many years of experience in this field.

Why is hair transplant in Istanbul a good choice?

Turkey has many accredited and modernly equipped hospitals and clinics with the latest technological advances. Their advantages also include high quality service, top notch surgeons, and professional medical staff. Affordable hair transplants are extremely tempting for people all over the world who are complaining about their hair loss. When we combine this with quality services, it seems almost unprecedented. Very attractive and affordable prices compared to the rest of Europe or the United States are a key advantage for patients who increasingly come from many countries around the world.


It should also be mentioned that the best doctors in Turkey have a very good command of English. In most cases, there is also always an interpreter available who can help with the translation immediately. In addition, the average wait time for an operation in Turkey is much shorter than in other countries. Not to mention Turkey's reputation for its legendary culture of hospitality. In addition, the city of Istanbul is worth visiting at all times due to its geographical location.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

An important aspect of hair transplantation in Turkey is its cost. They are generally cheaper than in France or Switzerland. In Turkey, the FUE or DHI method is used. The cost is often calculated based on the number of grafts. Grafts are individual hair roots that are taken from the back of the head and transplanted to the desired location, depending on the method chosen.


Between 1.10 and 2 euros are charged per hair follicle. In comparison, the costs in France and Belgium are almost 2-3 times higher. Therefore, the prices for hair transplants in Turkey are cheaper than in France, and even less if you go for an all-inclusive package, as the package also includes a maximum number of transplants.

How long does a hair transplant in Turkey take?

Hair transplantation can therefore be performed by 2 or 3 practitioners at the same time. Although this is a surgical procedure, no scalpel is used and no scars or marks are left on the scalp. The procedure can last between 4 and 7 hours, depending on the number of grafts needed to cover the bald area.


After the procedure, a bandage is placed on the donor area and must be worn for a whole day. Microperforated areas heal in a few days. A small crust forms at the base of the grafted bulbs, which disappears after a maximum of 10 days if the crust has been properly cleaned. After 24 hours, the patient is able to resume his normal professional activities. Complications after FUE or DHI hair transplantation are very rare. There may be slight swelling or discomfort in the period after the hair transplant, but this will go away within a few weeks.


In the meantime, normal daily activities can be resumed, but intensive sports should be maintained for at least an additional month. The first results are visible after a short time: from the third month, the first hairs grow back, and by the fifth or sixth month, the hair begins to have volume again. The result of hair transplantation is permanent and lasts a lifetime.

Is the result of a hair transplant in Turkey worth it?

Full hair is an unfulfilled wish for many. But what does treatment abroad mean? Ideally, the solution is permanent, inexpensive and of high quality. And that's exactly what many clinics in Turkey promise.


You should be a little careful with these promises, however, as some patients report unsatisfactory end results and other negative experiences. Inform yourself in advance about the procedure and the possible risks.

Are there any age limits for hair transplant surgery in Turkey?

The first signs of hereditary hair loss in men can be seen as early as puberty. However, in many clinics the minimum age for a hair transplant is 20 years old.


In many cases, Turkish clinics also refuse hair transplants for patients over the age of 70. If so, the patient must meet certain criteria or be in very good health.

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