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Hepatitis B and hair transplant

"I am interested in a hair transplant, but I have hepatitis B. I don't know if I can benefit from it. Can I still have one?" - Many of our patients come to us with this problem. This is quite normal given the relatively high number of people suffering from this disease.

Hepatitis B is caused by the HBV virus. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get infected with this disease. Hepatitis B belongs to the hepatitis virus family. It can cause serious liver problems. It can also lead to acute or chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, or even cancer. The liver is one of the most important organs in the digestive system. It has many tasks to do, so even the smallest problem can have a big impact on the whole body. In this case, as with hepatitis C, the active form of the disease, we do not recommend hair transplantation to our patients due to the infection.


It is therefore very important that you place your trust in us and provide us with your complete medical file. If the test results confirm the presence of the virus, the operation will be canceled. It is not possible to go unnoticed. Upon arrival in Istanbul, a blood test is performed on each of our patients, especially for hepatitis B.


We also have a group of patients who have had hepatitis B in the past and are now completely cured. If you have had this disease before, it will not have a negative impact on your treatment or the period after. If you are one of these patients, please let us know before you arrive in Istanbul. This helps us organize the blood tests and saves you unnecessary stress. And as we know, stress is one of the reasons for hair loss;)

Who is most susceptible to this disease?

You can get infected with the HBV virus in many situations:

Under non-sterile conditions

In a tattoo parlor


During dental treatment or cosmetic surgery in which the skin is damaged


During a blood donation or transfusion


During a stay in a hospital or medical establishment.


You can even catch it from a hairdresser or beautician.

During unprotected sex with a stranger.


The HBV virus can also be transmitted from the mother if she had hepatitis during pregnancy.

Can I have a hair transplant if I have active / detectable hepatitis B?

Unfortunately, you cannot benefit from a hair transplant. First of all, it is an unnecessary risk for you. Your immune system would be too weak and stressed after the procedure. Therefore, the risk of infection increases.


It is also dangerous for our medical team and other patients. It is therefore not recommended. To maintain the highest standards, we must deny the procedure in this case.

Can I have a hair transplant if I am completely cured of hepatitis B?

Yes, if you have had hepatitis B in the past and it is completely cured, it is okay to undergo the procedure. However, after arriving in Istanbul, an additional test should be performed to confirm that there are no medical contraindications. The waiting time for the test results is approximately 1 hour, which will not significantly affect the expected duration of the trip. Patients who are completely cured of hepatitis B have nothing to worry about. In fact, the presence of the disease in the past has no influence on the course of hair transplantation and postoperative recovery.


Upon arrival in Istanbul, each patient is first accompanied by our driver for a blood test. The blood is analyzed to check the blood count and detect infectious diseases. To determine the presence of hepatitis B, we perform an HBsAg test. This test detects the presence of antigens, proteins responsible for the immune response against a specific virus, in this case HBV. If the first test is positive, we need to do another, more specific test. This is a necessary step because we take care of our medical staff and patients and never treat patients without ensuring that they are free from infectious diseases. This extra test is called ALT> AST and checks liver function.

How long does it take to get the results of the complementary exam?

The wait time for the results of the ALT> AST test is approximately one hour. It is therefore not necessary to stay longer than expected in Istanbul.

What are the costs of performing an additional test?

The price of the additional test is between 40 and 80 euros. Further action may then be taken depending on the results.

Why does this simple HBsAg test show antigens even though I am completely cured of hepatitis B?

These results indicate only the presence of antigens, and not the onset of disease. When a person suffers from an illness, our body produces special proteins - antigens - to protect against that illness. Under the influence of disease, the body produces its own protection. These proteins stay in our body for a very long time, sometimes forever. This is why patients who have had hepatitis B still have these antigens in their blood after they recover.

How long do I have to stay in Istanbul for the operation if I am cured of hepatitis B?

The timing of the operation will not be significantly changed, as the test results will be available within an hour. Therefore, the stay in Istanbul can last 3 days as usual.


First day of stay: arrival in Istanbul. Transfer from the airport to the hospital. Hospital registration and blood tests.


Day two: hair transplantation


Third day: postoperative visit to the hospital, removal of bandages. Then, the home exit is possible.


Patients who are at risk of illness should undergo a medical examination before arriving in Istanbul. Remember that we are not responsible for the consequences if it turns out during your stay that you concealed the illness from us or that you were not aware of the onset of the illness.


Performing a hair transplant during the active form of the virus is not only dangerous for our medical team and other patients, but also for the patient undergoing the operation. If the procedure is performed at this time, it can lead to an exacerbation of the disease and a risk of infection. Therefore, we do not perform hair transplants if a person has active hepatitis B. People who are already cured of hepatitis B, on the other hand, have no problem. These patients only need to undergo an additional test upon arrival. However, it is very important that you inform us of the current or past presence of the disease before you arrive at the hospital. This will help us organize the whole process. And this can avoid disappointment if the procedure fails.

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