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Hair Transplant Turkey Covid - Traveling Abroad

In this article, you will find the latest conditions for traveling to Turkey during Covid for hair transplantation, dental and cosmetic care or even for a vacation. The article will be updated from time to time to notify you of new restrictions.

Traveling to turkey

Istanbul has two international airports: Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Istanbul Airport. Depending on your flight dates, VIP vehicles sent by the clinic will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel or sometimes directly to the clinic.

Travel to Turkey and COVID 19 measures

Immediately after the lifting of entry bans, Turkey faced a high demand for hair transplants, consistent with the pandemic situation. In this sense, the Covid 19 measures, which the Turkish Ministry of Health has made mandatory in all health institutions, are being implemented. In terms of health tourism, these measures can be described as follows:

Covid measures at Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Istanbul Airport. At both airports in Istanbul, the measures taken due to the pandemic are strictly enforced. People at risk are not allowed to enter the country. The temperature is taken at each entrance, social distancing and hygiene conditions are carefully observed.

Covid-19 measures at Grand Umran Clinic. As part of the Covid 19 measures, we are organizing our appointment system during the pandemic and ensuring that social distancing is maintained by admitting fewer patients. Hair transplantation in Turkey is regularly monitored. We maintain the highest level of hygienic conditions in our clinic. The hygiene conditions in the five-star hotels where our customers stay are applied at the highest level as part of the Covid 19 measures. Our VIP vehicles are also disinfected and we ensure that our staff do not come into contact with the patient.

Update no need for PCR test and compelling reason with the health pass

After the lifting of total containment on May 17 and the relaxation of restrictions on Monday May 31, which allowed a return to an (almost) normal life in Turkey, France took Turkey out of the red zone on Thursday, June 17. Therefore, there are no longer any compelling reasons or quarantine measures for vaccinated people traveling to Turkey and returning to France. For the others, a certificate of compelling medical reasons (issued by our services) and a one-week home self-isolation are still necessary. For our friends coming from Belgium or Switzerland, the conditions remain unchanged.

Vaccine doses for travel to Turkey



  • You can come to Turkey WITHOUT a compelling reason and with a negative PCR test of -72H.

  • You can return to France With a negative PCR test of -72h and WITHOUT quarantine measures.


  • They can come to Turkey with compelling health reason by presenting a certificate and negative PCR test of -72H.

  • You can return to France with a negative PCR test of -72 hours and a certificate on your honor that you are in self-isolation for 7 days.

Life is back to normal in Turkey!

Since July 1, there is no longer an evening and Sunday curfew. As a result, bars, restaurants and party venues are no longer subject to time restrictions and are now also open on Sundays.


In short, anyone visiting Istanbul can now enjoy the unrestricted life, go out at night and fully enjoy the weekend, including the vibrant nightlife of Turkey's tourist and cultural capital. The lifting of the restrictions also makes it possible to travel within cities: you can therefore extend your trip to Turkey after your treatments, in particular by considering a seaside stay on the Aegean coast or the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are interested in a hair transplant or other medical treatment during Covid, please contact us for up-to-date information.

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