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Chute de cheveux après une greffe de cheveux

Hair loss after hair transplant

After a hair transplant, you can look forward to having new hair despite hereditary hair loss. But two to six weeks after the operation, the hair suddenly falls out. Now should you worry about failed surgeries, hair loss and persistent baldness?

Why does hair loss occur after hair transplantation?

Pourquoi la perte de cheveux se produit-elle après une greffe de cheveux

When hair loss occurs after a hair transplant varies from person to person. Sometimes hair falls out after several days, sometimes only after several weeks. Up to 90% of transplanted hair is lost again after the procedure. But there is no need to worry.


Grafts taken from the donor area must first recover after being separated from their natural environment. The hair follicles enter a state of rest. It is only after a few weeks that the hair roots resume their activity. After that, the hair grows back.

Shock Loss After Hair Transplant

Quelles sont les causes du Shock Loss

Hair transplantation is the only way to regrow hair when it has already completely fallen out due to genetic hair loss. However, it is a mistake to think that the hair will grow out immediately after the transplant and that you can enjoy your entire hair immediately. The operation is a procedure that puts a lot of stress on the body and the hair roots of the patient. The healing process therefore requires some patience as well as a lot of rest and time.


The hair follicles have been under great stress during the hair transplant:


  • they were removed with a manual or micro-motor punch


  • were separated from the body and placed in a nutrient solution


  • were implanted in the receiving area


It is not surprising that the hair does not immediately continue to grow as before. The hair follicle goes into a resting phase before it starts to grow back significantly, "it takes about 3 months". At first they are thin, then they become larger.


After hair transplant, the hair begins to grow according to the growth cycle. When can we see the result of a hair transplant? The first results are visible after only three months. For people whose hair grows quickly, full hair is achieved after 12 months. Others, whose hair grows slowly, need up to 16 months to achieve full hair.

Hair regrowth after hair transplant

Quand les greffons repousseront-ils

First of all, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet during the growth phase. If proper diet is not enough, the doctor may prescribe vitamin tablets or advise scalp injections. At the same time, physical exercise should not be neglected: sports or walks promote blood circulation. Using good products like pH neutral shampoos and special lotions provide the hair follicles with additional nutrients and help reduce remaining hair loss and give vigor to growing hair.

How does the healing process work?

During the first two weeks, the scalp heals under the crusty sores. Despite the existing itching, do not scratch to avoid bacterial infections. A healing lotion promotes the healing process. The hair follicles firmly anchor in their new location and begin to recover. After five months, fine hair appears and grows stronger over time.


We have already successfully treated many domestic and foreign patients. The team of specialists always use the most innovative treatment techniques and you can benefit from their many years of experience. Of course, not all professionalism can prevent the "shock loss". However, all the conditions are right for your hair to grow back quickly afterwards. Of course, the staff are also present to help and advise patients after hair transplantation.

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