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Greffe de cheveux pas chère en Turquie

Hair transplant: cheap prices in Turkey and France in Paris

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is much cheaper (1.89 euros per transplant) than in France (3.29 euros per transplant). But is a hair transplant in Turkey still profitable considering the cost of travel, hotel and meals?

The price of a hair transplant in Turkey and the additional costs (flight, hotel, meal)

Flights to Istanbul  cost on average 150 euros to go and return, which is therefore 300 euros round trip. A night in a reasonable hotel costs around 80 euros per night. Assuming one day for arrival, one for acclimatization and pre-treatment, one for operation, one for regeneration and post-treatment and one for departure, four overnight stays come to a total of around 320 euros . We calculate meals at 30 euros per day, with half a day for arrival and departure, for a total of 120 euros. In total, you will need to add around 740 euros to the actual cost of the hair transplant. The sample calculation is of course very simplified, and in reality lower additional costs are also possible as Turkey is a very cheap country.

Is a Hair Transplant in Turkey Really Cheap?

As hair transplants are often billed per transplant, hair transplantation in Turkey is only cost effective from a certain number of grafts. Let's say you had 500 grafts: In Turkey, it would cost 945 euros (at 1.89 euros per graft) and in France 1,645 euros (at 3.29 euros per graft). If you add the extra 740 euros to the price in Turkey, you get 1685 euros. Thus, hair transplantation in Turkey would be more expensive. The break-even point, i.e. the point where costs are the same in both countries, would be around 520 grafts. However, since a higher number of grafts are usually transplanted, hair transplantation in Turkey is financially attractive for most patients - even with additional costs or with an all-inclusive rate.


There are also all-inclusive packages, which are even more advantageous and more manageable for the patient who does not have to pay additional costs such as the number of transplants, but also the hotel and meal costs and the costs. transfers.


In addition, many clinics in Turkey now offer "all-inclusive packages". These packages often cover all costs beyond the operation itself - hotel costs, transfers, postoperative medication.

Hair transplant: cheap price

What are the cheap prices in Turkey for a hair transplant?

A cheap hair transplant costs at least 1390 euros.

Cheap hair transplant in France (in our center in Paris).

The cheap price for a hair transplant in Paris is 4990 euros.

Good value for money for cheap hair implants

However, the price should not be the main criterion in the decision. The quality of the doctor is much more important. For this, you can, for example, read patient testimonials to inform yourself in more detail about the procedure and the course, you can also consider talking to those around you who have already had a hair transplant to have their opinion on its personal experience. Do some research on the internet, without intensive research of course. Googling for cheap hair transplant prices in the morning, noon, and night can make your head spin and possibly demoralize your progress as the prices vary so much. Instead, focus on the feeling between you and the clinic and on the seriousness of the team. If you pay attention to these details, you will inevitably make the right choice.

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