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These stars who have had a hair transplant!

In recent years, more and more men have resorted to hair transplants. Famous personalities for whom the image is a kind of capital, such as actors and singers or top athletes, no longer hesitate to go under the knife. Some stars are happy about it, others are reluctant to admit it. It must be said that this subject is still a big taboo for some.

If you've ever envied your favorite actors for their beautiful hair by running your hand over your possibly bald head, you should know that many of them have resorted to hair transplants to achieve this result. Even though they are regularly in front of the cameras and on the Hollywood red carpets, they too are subject to the phenomenon of baldness, like any other citizen. So if you've been hesitant about getting hair implants to permanently solve your hair loss problems, let these few celebrities who got it convince you.

Florent Pagny: now a happy man!

Florent Pagny is one of the greatest French singers. A very open man who has never hidden that he had undergone a hair transplant. He had several opportunities to talk about it in the press. He was very happy to undergo FUE procedure. Many of his fellow singers and actors have even asked him for the contact details of his surgeon. This is something very special!

Marc Olivier Fogiel: a long-standing hair transplant

Marc Olivier Fogiel, the current director of BFMTV, is one of the pioneers in France in the field of implants. He made it public in 2011 on a confession show on "Le divan". Today, the journalist talks about it freely and with a lot of self-irony.

Arthur: the secret of this hair is revealed

With Marc Olivier Fogiel, he is one of the pioneers of hair implants in the television sector. He never spoke publicly about his hair transplant, but his forehead line has changed over the years. Other celebrities have also spoken out on the issue without directly denying the facts, such as in 2020 when he argued with Cyril Hanouna on Twitter about his implants.

Jean Michel Maire: a very popular hair transplant

Certainly one of the most famous corrupters of French television. The man has had several opportunities to talk about his hair transplant . He underwent FUT surgery and, a few years later, FUE surgery. The columnist had the opportunity to speak about this operation in the program Touche pas à mon poste, hosted by Cyril Hanouna. He is often teased about it. He worked with a famous clinic. He promoted the place on social media. The man is completely relaxed about it.

Christophe Willem: the singer also underwent a hair transplant

Singer Christophe Willem said during a show that he had undergone a hair transplant. If you compare the photos of him in his youth with those of today, it becomes very clear. When she first appeared in "La Nouvelle Star" in 2006, her baldness was already visible at the age of 23. Today he has a nice density of hair. Thanks to the hair transplant.

Gad Elmaleh: the man who also made his hair smile

In recent years, Gad Elmaleh, a renowned actor, had developed a small baldness; over the past three years, the man has regained a good density of hair. The comedian himself posted a photo with his hair shaved in 2018. This is a mandatory step in the event of a hair transplant. He would have done this transplant in Paris.

Nicolas Cage: this hair is growing again

Nicolas Cage is a versatile actor, who stars in action movies as well as in comedies and thrillers, and who sports a wide variety of hairstyles. The latter, undoubtedly tired of working with a curling iron or hair dye throughout his career, has not failed to lose weight over the roles he has played. Roles in "Wings of Hell", "Volte / Face", "Ghost Rider", "Lord of War" and "Bangkok Dangerous" as well as the appearance of Nicolas Cage in "History of Swear Words" on Netflix brought the fans to wonder if the actor has not undergone one or more hair transplants in his career. It doesn't seem to be just due to the use of minoxidil or other hair loss remedies.

Wayne Rooney: a successful hair transplant

For Wayne Rooney, it was utopian to hope to be able to undergo hair surgery without the dreaded English tabloids learning about it and causing a national outcry. The footballer has always taken matters into his own hands, especially since he underwent surgery in 2011 at a relatively young age (26) and would have undergone another hair transplant in 2013. The end result is now quite impressive .

Elon Musk: richest man in the world also had hair transplanted

One only has to look at the photos of Elon Musk from the 2000s, when he became a Paypal shareholder, to see that his hair situation has improved markedly over the years. In the end, it was a good decision, because Paypal allowed him to become a millionaire and invest in very successful hair implants that make him look younger 20 years later.

Rafael Nadal: the king of tennis balls ends this session in style

At 35, Rafael Nadal has already undergone 2 hair transplants Everything seems to be going for the best for Rafael Nadal: The champion is successful and collects trophies! Only one detail seems to escape him: With age, his androgenetic baldness increases. Prior to his first hair transplant in November 2016, the champion was at level 3 on the Norwood Scale, a unit of measure for hair loss. This means that the furrows on her temples and forehead are weakening, and her crown is showing signs of weakness and narrowing slightly. This is certainly the reason why he regularly wears a headband and long hair in the field and at press conferences. In 2018, he again resorted to hair implants to fill in and thicken his front hair as his baldness continued to progress. To be embellished, the athlete would have paid between 6,000 and 9,000 euros per operation. However, judging from the footage recently released during the Roland Garros game against Djokovic, the results of his hair implants don't seem worth the investment.

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