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Hair transplant: DHI Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant is the latest hair transplant technology in the world, known as direct hair implantation, DHI is the best techniques for implantation. A new version of the FUE method, which required shaving the entire head, however, the DHI method allows patients to go through the transplant without shaving.

The DHI hair transplant technique relies on a device that is shaped like a pen and has a hollow needle at its end. Its diameter does not exceed 1 mm. This device, called "CHOI Implanter", is a painless technique.


Many people wonder how a hair transplant can be performed with this DHI technique, as there is no incision like with the FUE method. However, precautionary measures should be taken to avoid any complications after the procedure.

DHI development in Turkey

How is a DHI hair transplant performed in Turkey? Here is the answer :

  • The doctor sterilizes the scalp, in particular the donor area, and the recipient area, then traces the recipient area and identifies the follicles to be removed.


  • Local anesthesia is performed on the areas where the follicles will be taken to avoid any pain during the operation.


  • The doctor removes the follicles from the donor area and then begins to implant them with the DHI hair transplant technique using Choi pens, which requires great precision and superior skill from the practitioner. At the same time, the practitioner cleans the area that has been implanted, sprinkling it with serum, and this step does not require the opening of channels in the skin; it is done without surgery, the scalpel not being used at all.

Benefits of DHI method for hair transplant

The DHI hair transplant technique introduces certain factors that help the implanted follicles to grow better, such as:


  • The time that the extracted follicles have spent outside, there is no waiting time between harvest and implantation, the hair is implanted directly.


  • By preserving the moisture of the extracted grafts and not being subjected to impact, the possibility of spreading bacteria to the surface and sources of infection is reduced.


  • DHI hair transplantation does not cause any injury or scarring to the head because it is non-surgical. No scalpel is used, so there is no need to open channels to implant follicles.


  • It is not necessary to shave the head or cut it short before the operation in the area needed for implantation.


  • The DHI hair transplantation technique achieves a density 20% higher than that of previous hair transplants. With the DHI vs FUE technique, the grafts are implanted side by side, resulting in higher hair density.


  • The success rate of DHI hair transplantation is very high, with completely natural results.


  • DHI technology is suitable for anyone wishing to undergo a DHI hair transplant, whether they suffer from baldness or genetic hair loss, or certain diseases, such as diabetes.

The cost of DHI in Turkey for hair transplantation

Although DHI hair transplantation is the latest hair transplantation technology in the world, it is not expensive, but more expensive than other hair transplantation techniques; however, this depends on a number of factors, the most important of which are:


  • The number of follicles removed and the size of the implanted area.


  • The reputation of the medical complex and practitioner mastering DHI hair transplant technology.


  • In general, the cost varies between 1,500 and 2,500 euros.


However, with Grand Umran Clinic, prices remain fixed for a maximum number of transplants. So, no surprise once the estimate is correct in Turkey. Hotel and airport transfers are included in the package price.

Reasons to use DHI technique for hair transplantation

Before we talk about the reasons for using DHI hair transplant technique, the latest technology in the world, let's briefly discuss the main reasons for hair loss.


Genetic factors: Sometimes a person carries the genes for baldness from one of their parents. Baldness is a form of hair loss that occurs due to damage to the follicles, which most commonly happens to men, but also to women.


Taking certain drugs: some treatments and pharmaceutical drugs contain certain substances that act badly on the hair follicles, causing hair loss.


Childbirth and breastfeeding: these two events exhaust the body, leading to a weakening of hormones and thus causing significant hair loss.


Anemia: which means a deficiency of iron in the blood or a lack of red blood cells in the body, causing hair to weaken and fall out, as well as other symptoms of addition such as the inability to concentrate, the appearance of white marks on the surface of the nails, as well as facial exhaustion and paleness of the face.


Thyroid Problems: The thyroid that regulates many processes in the body. The appearance of disturbances in the secretion of hormones, or too much secretion of hormones, leads to a defect in the hair growth cycle and leads to their fall.


Female Ovarian Necrosis Syndrome: Period disorders are associated with hair loss. When the body produces estrogen, which results in thinning of the hair.


Psychological reasons: the appearance of anxiety and tension leads to the secretion of stress hormones, which will lead to the thinning of the follicles and therefore to hair loss.


Malnutrition: The bad habit of eating fast foods, which contain high levels of chemical toxins and calories, is one of the main reasons for consecutive hair loss. Malnutrition is a condition caused by the lack of sufficient nutrients in the body, which leads to thinning of hair, because proper nutrition is the most critical factor in hair growth due to vitamins and proteins. , because when we give up a balanced diet, it will cause a defect in the hair transplants and roots, therefore, leads to hair loss.


DHI hair transplant technology can help you get rid of all the factors that lead to baldness or hair loss, so it is best to use this process without thinking, or without needing to exhaust yourself trying traditional treatments, or other hair transplant techniques that require a complete surgical process, the DHI hair transplant technique is more comfortable and efficient to achieve thick, flawless and natural looking hair.

More info: DHI Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey is also used for beard and mustache transplants, as well as eyebrow implants, as it is very precise. This type of hair transplantation requires the high precision of the Choi pen used in DHI hair transplantation technology.


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DHI is a hair transplant technique performed using special DHI pens, called DHI implanter pens or CHOI pens. In the DHI technique, the extracted hair is implanted directly in the areas to be treated ...

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